Gamesystem focuses its activities around 3 core values:


Towards operators working at height for whom our products and service area intended. Our experts are involved in European standardisation work.


We test each one of our products and ensure their maintenance to guarantee their optimum reliability and safety during use.


Gamesystem is committed to communicating good practices to operators so they can carry out their operations safely.

Gamesystem key figures:

We have subsidiaries in 3 countries: France, Spain and Italy.

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employees worldwide


of turnover generated from exports

Our values



At Gamesystem, we take the time to listen to our customers, to understand their expectations so that we can design tomorrow’s products and services for them.

Always and sincerely listening to our employees and colleagues forms the foundation for sound and successful work.



At Gamesystem, we work closely with our clients and our environment to improve our products and processes.

Encouraging people to take initiative and participating in inward reflection, both on a Group level and individually, to develop new ideas.



We believe in our employees at Gamesystem. Supporting personal development, skill-building, positive behaviours and teamwork are all key parts of our culture.

We outwardly share this pride by showcasing our brands, our image, our production sites and the people who bring them to life.



Here at Gamesystem, respecting commitments is fundamental for all.

We encourage an empowerment and initiative-focused culture which is combined with a duty of honouring commitments made, both between employees and with clients and partners.



Here at Gamesystem, we prioritise quality to guarantee processes and products that ensure user safety and the longevity of constructions.

We give absolute priority to the health and safety of our employees.

Our expertise:

Gamesystem has been an expert in all aspects of the working at height safety approach since 1979. Our group is one of the very few players on the market to integrate the 6 safety at height points:


Fall arrest system design

Maintenance and Control

PPE Manufacturing

Installation and Assembly


History of the Gamesystem Group

  • 1979

    Creation of Gamesystem France

  • 1980

     Presentation of the PAPILLON vertical fall protection system at the Innovation Trade Show in Paris, the only fall protection system to this day that locks on a 5mm cable with pulleys

  • 1984

    First tests in France on a horizontal Lifeline with INRS (French National Institute for Research and Safety) under CEBTP (French Experimental Centre for Research Studies in Building and Public Works)

  • 1986

    Creation of Gamestream, first training organisation to provide training in work at height in France

  • 1987

    Integration of Pomagalski lift system evacuation devices within Gamesystem France

  • 1988

     Creation of Gamesystem Spain

  • 1992

    Creation of Gamesystem Italy

  • 2005

    Absorption of Gamestream within Gamesystem France

  • 2009

    Creation of a scalable aluminium guardrail solution

  • 2015

    Complete overhaul of the range of lift system evacuation products

  • 2018

    Gamestream became Gamesystem Formation