Since 1979, our experience in manufacturing and installing has been used to bring you a service that goes beyond simple legal control. Our service ensures the reliability and integrity of your installations.

Maintenance :

Gamesystem maintains your fall protection systems (lifeline, anchor point, safety rail, etc.) This maintenance is performed independently or in conjunction with regulatory control to ensure the safety of your personnel. Unlike a control organization, we can intervene directly if the installation is defective or the maintenance required.

Regulatory control :

Regulatory control aims to ensure the sustainability of your facilities. The legislation makes the inspection of PPE less than 12 months mandatory and CNAMTS recommendations that of anchoring devices. In a global service logic, Gamesystem supports this regulatory control, using its technical knowledge to achieve more than just a visual check.

A QR Code on your installations:

Access the technical information of the installation (lifeline, anchor point, ...).
Consult the technical files (calculation note, certificate of conformity, date of the last inspection ...), at any time.

Advantages : 
Easy to use: a simple photo is enough to make appear the technical file.
• Saving time: no need to archive technical files, they are accessible from our servers.